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April – May 2019

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04 • 06 • 2019

An event series touring in 6 cities, feeding your mind through half-a-day inspiring conversations. 

The concept merges interactive speeches, informative workshops & inspirational panels in a relaxing format designed for those who seek daily to accumulate meaningful knowledge & who are constantly hunting food for thought type of information.

The mic will be handed to local & national speakers, sharing their expertise on subjects ranging from entrepreneurship, social impact & education to technology, future trends & many more, in an honest attempt to tackle today’s burning issues & build tomorrow’s solutions.

We challenge you to inspire, create & explore with FYM!

Meet The Speakers

Sibiu – 4th June 2019

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Livia Ilie
Sergiu Penciu
Ioan Bebeselea
Rares Helici
Mihai Leontescu
Ciprian Ciocan

Târgu Mureș – 15th April 2019

Cluj Napoca – 18th April 2019

Timișoara – 24th April 2019

Speakers at Feed Your Mind at Awake Festival soon to be announced…


SIBIU | 4th June 2019

We’d love you to join us for these events, we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of the day and gain some very cool #foodforthought! Get access to this special event, as well as updates and dedicated offers for

Feed your Mind at Awake Festival.

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Livia Ilie

Leading the Development of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Livia Ilie has an MBA degree in Finance and a PhD in Economics. With over two decades of teaching and research experience (in Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest) and more than 10 years in academic management (Romanian – Canadian MBA in Bucharest and Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu) she developed a particular interest in the strategic management of higher education institutions. In her capacity as vice-rector responsible with the strategic development of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (LBUS) she developed important projects for students’ soft skills development.

Sergiu Penciu

Digital Expert & Financial Education Professor at BCR

Sergiu is part of BCR’s Digital Banking department and is involved with George’s implementation nationwide. George is a symbol of innovation, this being the name given to the automated pilot in aviation. PhD graduate of Technical University Cluj-Napoca with studies in different areas such as journalism (college graduate), advertising/marketing (master graduate) always receptive to everything that’s new and always ready to act to take advantage of emerging opportunities. He is passionate about innovation and education in the financial world in the digital age.

Ioan Bebeșelea

Chef & Co-owner Syndicat Gourmet

Ioan is a self-taught chef, who discovered his passion relatively late, after started serious cooking at 30 years old. Since 2014 he is a chef and co-owner of the Syndicat Gourmet restaurant in Sibiu. The overall vision of the restaurant is: “Good Food, Local Sourced Ingredients”, they focus on seasonal quality ingredients without being premium. They like to discover forgotten ingredients and integrate them into their recipes, simple ingredients that many do not even be taken into account but bring back the tastes from childhood.


Efficient Learning Coach

She is passionate about non formal education & she is always looking for the best teaching and learning techniques that will promote the idea of lifelong education. Diana has started Di-Academy, where she teaches effiecient learning techniques, by being inspired by this vision of a school where students can develop their qualities and abilities.


Architect at unDAverde

She strongly believes in the power of communities & that great things can be accomplished with small gestures & dedicated people. She devotes everyday her time & work to sustainability & bringing communities together for a greater good. Architect at unDAverde, Georgiana is specialised in urban mobility & regional development & she will dive more into the topic of environment at Targu-Mures.


Multimedia Artist

Lucian is a creative video artist, specialised in video concepts, design and animations, 3D projection mapping. He graduated at the Photo and Video Art School in Timisoara. His works on experimental and borderline documentary film brought him several awards such as the Jury Award – AMA Film Festival Otelu Rosu 2010 or Jecza Gallery Award for Best Short Experimental Movie at the Video Art Exihibiton 2012. In the past 3 years, he has collaborated extensively with the Timisoara National Theatre as well as with the Arad Classical Theatre „Ioan Slavici” on video concept and design for the stage and theatre promotional trailers.


Psychologist, Trainer

She is a doer & her work recommends her as a hard-working person, involved in activities designed for the well-being of various communities. Accredited psychologist, Simona Ciff invests her time into teaching others that some things can be done differently & for the better. She designed & managed projects focused on behavior & #emotional intelligence.


Entrepreneur, free spirit & media specialist

He is an entrepreneur with a free spirit, innovative & always relying on his creativity. With over 23 years experience in business, 12 of them being invested in media & marketing, Alex Dona initiated bold projects with one clear outcome: to satisfy the needs of the community & to share tips & tricks learnt the hard way. Armed with humor & a vast experience, he will join the stage for an in-depth discussion about #fakenews & #clickbait.


DJ & Entrepreneur

He lives for, with & through music & for the past 16 years, he has been adding value to the events sector. Known for The SHIVER Show & his uplifting dj sets, DJ SHIVER knows not only to mix & match, but also to talk about his passion & his career path & his TEDx Talk is proof of his innovative spirit as he taught everyone that to become a party engineer is no easy job. Meet the artist in Târgu-Mureș on the 15th of April!


Research & Development Direct at Green School

EDUpreneur and nature-lover, Sonia is working in the Research and Development department of Green School working on the educational architecture, program and project development, teacher training and Agile Learning Facilitator. She earned her PhD in Educational Sciences in 2013 from the Doctoral School of Psychology and Educational Sciences, in Bucharest. She has extensive experience in training, mainly in Education, including Youth in Action, Comenius, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. She co-founded Green School with a genuine belief that school can be different than it’s now in Romania, using her 11 years experience in the NGO sector.


Content Marketing Manager at Bannersnack

Robert Katai is the content marketing manager of Bannersnack, a professional banner creation app for designers and marketers. His work was featured on Entrepreneur, Adweek, Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute and other places. He is also blogging on his personal website:


Trainer & Psychologist, Founder of Voce Autentică

Simona founded Voce Autentica as she is a true-lover of authenticity and truth and she would like promote these values further. She started in the corporate environment where he gained experience, after which she specialized in training and acting. After an intense workout of five-year academic career in acting she brought actor’s elements to training and the corporate world.