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Feed Your Mind is a thought-provoking platform first seen during AWAKE Festival in 2017. It engages speakers & audiences in meaningful, vivid conversations.

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Feed Your Mind is one of the stages at AWAKE Festival where you can meet the organisers and get inspired by interesting speakers, artists, media figures. This year we prepared 4 days of content with local and international speakers who will tackle trending issues in a relaxed format, merging interactive speeches, informative workshops & inspirational panels. You can’t miss the special moments, such as the traditional Coffee with the Organisers, Open Mic sessions and Impro Shows!

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First Confirmed Speakers

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Oana Giurgiu
Pussy Riot
Michael Schack FYM Awake
Alina Vilcu FYM Awake
Andra Imbrea
Dj Shiver
Raluca Mihaila FYM Awake
Adrian Socol FYM Awake
Corina Gliga Awake Feed Your mind
The Funkers Awake
Andreea Chelsoi

More speakers soon to be announced…

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Feed Your Mind is a thought-provoking platform which merges interactive speeches, informative workshops & inspirational panels in a relaxing format.



Executive Director, TIFF

Journalism and Law graduate, Oana Giurgiu directed TV documentaries and produced music and extreme sports TV shows, before taking part in the production team of The death of Mr. Lazarescu by Cristi Puiu – Un certain regard Cannes 2005 and Delta by Kornél Mundruczó – Fipresci award Cannes 2008. Oana is Executive Director of Transilvania International Film Festival and executive producer of GOPO Awards Ceremony.


Russian Punk Band

Pussy Riot is Russian Moscow-based activist art collective known for its provocative and radiant live music performances and actions that they keep doing since 2011 despite all the dangers coming from the harsh Putin’s regime. Pussy Riot performance on stage is a radical audio-visual live act touching topics like gender identity, personal freedom, climate change, transgression and how activism can help us to shape the better world.


E-drummer & #DJ Drummer, Solo Artist

You might already have seen drummer / producer Michael Schack performing on big festival stages, like you can enjoy his solo #DJDrummer show at AWAKE on August 15. He’s an online drumming phenomenon with audiences in Europe, North & South America, Asia, South Africa and Australia. Apart from being the energetic E-drummer with Netsky (Live), his spectacular performance clips on both YouTube and Instagram are continuously turning heads. Michael plays all drum beats live on top of live triggered self produced inventive remixes.


Arhitect @Visuri la Cheie

Alina’s dream to draw houses materialized after beginning her career in advertising. She is now leading a team of architects and designers at her studio. In addition, she founded with her friend Omid Ghannadi a design academy, making design more and more available to people. Also, starting 2014 she is part of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Visuri la Cheie) TV Show, changing the lives of less fortunate people.

Andra Imbrea

Journalist @Wall-Street.ro

Andra is a journalist covering the fashion industry, retail, media and advertising at Wall-Street.ro, a leading online business publication in Romania. She began her career at Wall-Street.ro in 2015, shortly after she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at UNIBUC. She has a master degree at The Faculty of International Business and Economics – ASE Bucuresti, where she studied international economy and european affairs, concluded with a dissertation about creative industries, which she supports also in her articles.

DJ Shiver

DJ & Entrepreneur

He lives for, with & through music & for the past 16 years, he has been adding value to the events sector. Known for The SHIVER Show & his uplifting dj sets, DJ SHIVER knows not only to mix & match, but also to talk about his passion & his career path & his TEDx Talk is proof of his innovative spirit as he taught everyone that to become a party engineer is no easy job.

Raluca Mihăilă

Managing Owner Utopic Brain

She believes that searching alone is not a guarantee for finding, but for sure a close eye refuses discovery. She is the founder of Utopic Brain & she is constantly connecting the world’s dots from a multidisciplinary point of view: marketing strategy, photography, creative writing, psychology, social and cultural research, education and business planning. The result is a surprising understanding of the vivid and complex network of patterns which unconsciously drive us through life. Be there to discuss about Mindful.less – The fixed mindset that dismisses inner potential.

Adrian Socol

Psychologist @Estuar Foundation

Adrian Socol is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and now he is pursuing a doctoral program. Since 2008 he is a psychologist at the Estuary Foundation and he has been involved in counseling people with mental health problems.

Corina Gliga

Founder @J’ai Bistrot

Corina started her entrepreneurial journey 8 years ago in Targu Mures, when she founded together with her friends the original J’ai Bistrot in the house of her grandfather. After becoming a successful business, they decided to give it a try in Bucharest, where they opened a terrace with sand. J’ai Bistrot rapidly became popular amongst youngsters because it hosts a variety of events and friends are invited to cook or play music from time to time, and everybody feels like home there.

The Funkers

A group of young & energetic actors

They are young & full of energy, exposing their talent & passion for acting through impro shows and plays. The Funkers is a group composed of students of the University of Arts & the High School of Arts, from Targu Mures, first united at AWAKE.

Andreea Chelsoi

World Traveler

From discovering the Rolling Stones during a 20s video on TV and making a lifetime goal to see the band live in concert, Andreea has followed her dreams and went on a world tour with the Rolling Stones and their fans across the globe. She’s seen the band live 36 times and experienced the magic of traveling to see her favourite band exploring the world in the process.

Open Mic Sessions

You become a speaker and express your ideas on stage, at one of the themed sessions: “Entrepreneurial Ideas”, “Fail Better” or “Imagine the Festival of the Future”. Registrations will be open at the Feed Your Mind stage during the festival.

Coffee with the Organizers

You will have the chance to meet the AWAKE festival’s team of organizers and ask them anything.

Specialty Coffee Workshop

You will hear all about coffee aromas and flavours, the brewing process and how to recognize different types of specialty coffee.